Life Together Conference 2018

LIFE TOGETHER COMMUNITY GROUP CONFERENCE Life Together will equip you to lead and live in Gospel Community. Whether you are leading or attending a Community Group, don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical training on how to disciple, care for… Read more »

Frontline Downtown Father Daughter Dance

God’s heart is the heart of a father (Ps. 103:13).  He protects, provides for, and always uniquely blesses His children.  As human dads, our children receive much of their vision of God’s fatherhood through how we act towards them.  By… Read more »

Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK Day Parade Martin Luther King Day Parade Every year OKC honors the Legacy of Martin Luther King with an MLK Day Parade. Restore OKC has asked up to provide 20 Course Marshals for this parade on January 15th. If you… Read more »

New Sermon Series: Hosea

Hosea: The Story of God and His Unfaithful People The story of Hosea is shocking and scandalous. The Lord spoke to Hosea and told him something he would have never expected. God told Hosea to go and marry a prostitute…. Read more »

New Sermon Series: American Gods

Is America becoming less religious? Many would say so. Some might even say that we are moving from primitive, outdated beliefs about God and the Bible into a more enlightened worldview based on science and reason. But what if America isn’t… Read more »

New City Catechism

Catechism New City Catechism What is a catechism? For some the word “catechism” produces thoughts of lifeless memorizing from years gone by.  For others, it’s like a foreign word because there is no experience with it at all. In short,… Read more »