Welcome to Frontline Academy!  We offer classes on a number of topics so that people would be better equipped to love God, love people, and push back darkness. Our hope is that through these trainings, people would have a deeper knowledge and love for God and his Word. No matter your background or stage of life, we’d love for you to join us.

There is limited space for each class. Keep in mind that classes will require some outside homework and reading, usually 2 hours per week. Classes last 4 weeks and cost $15. Financial assistance can be requested during registration.

Below are the upcoming classes offered at each congregation.

Frontline Downtown:
Exploring the Bible (Feb 4-25, Sundays 11a – 12:15p, $15):

The Bible is an ancient book, written in a time very different from our own. Yet Christians all over the world base their lives on the words found there. Why? Many would say that the Bible is a collection of wise sayings, or a roadmap for our lives. But what if the Bible is so much more: an epic story spanning thousands of years about a King and his kingdom, a story we are invited to join? In this class, we will take a journey to discover the story of the Bible, and along the way, you will learn how to understand and apply its teachings today. Registration for Exploring the Bible closes on January 28.

To register for a class at Frontline Downtown, click below:

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