God and His Unfaithful Wife

Josh Kouri kicks off our "Hosea: The Story of God and His Unfaithful People" series by teaching on God and His people from Hosea 1:1-11.

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The story of Hosea is shocking and scandalous. The Lord spoke to Hosea and told him something he would have never expected. God told Hosea to go and ... Read more

Advent 2017

Jesus has come and will come again. This is our hope as we celebrate the first coming of Jesus in humility, and the eager awaiting of His second in ... Read more

First John: A Life of Love

We are enamored with love. As the song goes, we truly believe that “all we need is love.” It is the focus of our movies, our books, our art, our ... Read more

Free to be Human

To be human is to be limited. Unlike God, there is only so much that we can know and do and be. And yet, we often run ourselves ragged, seeking to ... Read more


Jesus was an avid storyteller. Nearly a third of his recorded teachings are in the form of stories called parables. Stories have a way of shaping and ... Read more

Finding the Good Life

We are all searching for the Good Life: a life of happiness and fulfillment. But where can we find it? Is it in a life of wealth or unlimited ... Read more

Missional Movement

Downtown Oklahoma City, South Oklahoma City, Shawnee, and Edmond.. These are places where we live, work, and raise our families. Places where we ... Read more

Acts Part Three: A Life of Mission

As the book of Acts comes to a close, the focus zooms in on the Apostle Paul. The scene, however, moves away from Paul on the offensive and moves ... Read more

A Thrill of Hope

The word Advent comes from the Latin word Adventus which simply means “coming” or “arrival.” But when we use the word Advent, we are referring ... Read more

Heroine: Feminine Strength the World Needs

Defining who a woman is or should be is not an easy task. We so often let our identity as women be based on our roles, relationships or achievements. ... Read more

Acts Part Two: Stories of Mission

Since the dawn of humanity, the mission of God has always been to have his people in his place for his glory. The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, ... Read more

Together For The City

When God created the Church, He wasn’t creating another social club. He was building a community of people, transformed by grace, to send out on ... Read more

Acts Part One: Foundations for Mission

What happened after the resurrection of Jesus? Did Jesus have any impact on the society of the 1st Century, or did he just disappear? Even more ... Read more

Marriage, Sex, Singleness

When it comes to marriage, sex, and singleness, our culture has plenty to say. Marriage is often viewed as a way to deal with our loneliness and help ... Read more

The Church

What is so important about the Church and why does it matter for my life? Join us for our new series, The Church, as we explore the ... Read more


Jesus has come and will come again. This is our hope as we celebrate the first coming of Jesus in humility, and the eager awaiting of His second in ... Read more


How should we read the book of Proverbs? We should approach this book with the realization that God is actually giving us insight into what life looks ... Read more

&: Life in the Tension

Is God in control of my life or am I? Is God a God of wrath or a God of love? Should we stop going to church and just be the church? Is it God’s ... Read more

Holy Spirit

Jesus made a shocking claim when he told his disciples it was to their advantage that he return to heaven so the Holy Spirit could then come and live ... Read more

Frontline Renew

Rebuild. Renew. Restore.

The book of Nehemiah is more than just the technical history of Israel. It is the story of a sovereign God who delights in using human means to ... Read more

Religion is Dead

For many, Christianity feels like nothing more than a legalistic, moralistic, dead religious endeavor. Is that really what Christianity is? The Bible ... Read more


There are thousands of reasons people reject Christianity each and every day. For many, these ‘Objections’ make belief not only difficult but ... Read more

Together on Mission

When God created the church he wasn’t creating another social club. He was building a community of people, transformed by grace, to send out on ... Read more

Together for the City

Does church membership even matter in today’s culture? Is it important to have a church home? This sermon series is over our church’s vision for ... Read more


For many of us, Christmas is a season marked by festive decorations, sparkling lights, perfectly wrapped presents, and lighthearted music. But the ... Read more

The Church Empowered

If you swerve your car into a ditch, does it matter which side of the road you’re on? If your car is wrecked and your face is bloody, probably not. ... Read more

Light in the Darkness

So many questions fill our hearts. For most, the main question is one they never ask. Who is Jesus? Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, one of ... Read more

Life Together

A relationship with Jesus is personal, but it’s not private. His Gospel not only calls us to walk out the intricacies of life with one another, but ... Read more

Mission Oklahoma

Jesus saves sinners and then works through his church to save and redeem others who are far from God. In this sermon series, Pastor Josh Kouri spends ... Read more

Joseph & Mary

Mary was a teenage girl from an unremarkable town. Joseph, an obscure carpenter. But despite their humble beginnings, Mary and Joseph were chosen by ... Read more


Like the rest of the Bible, it’s not a moral fairy tale. Jonah is about the gospel. It tells the story of God relentlessly pursuing sinners who go ... Read more

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