New Sermon Series: Free to be Human

To be human is to be limited. Unlike God, there is only so much that we can know and do and be. And yet, we often run ourselves ragged, seeking to throw off every restraint and reach our “full potential.” We… Read more »

Storyteller: Exploring the Parables of Jesus

Jesus was an avid storyteller. Nearly a third of his recorded teachings are in the form of stories called parables. Stories have a way of shaping and changing us. The parables of Jesus put flesh and blood to what he… Read more »

Behind the Series: Heroine Artwork

Vision and Symbolism ŸŸŸ- Alex Steele Heroine: her·o·ine noun: heroine; plural noun: heroines “A woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” Creating the artwork for the Heroine sermon series was a fearful yet exciting experience…. Read more »

Heroine: Feminine Strength the World Needs

New Sermon Series Defining who a woman is or should be is not an easy task. We so often let our identity as women be based on our roles, relationships or achievements. Our culture is constantly creating and attempting to… Read more »