Welcome to Frontline Shawnee!

We meet on Sundays at 330 N Beard Ave.

This church was planted out of a desire to serve and love the city of Shawnee. We gather on Sundays to worship the Creator of the universe, to be changed by Him, and to stir our hearts toward Jesus. We believe that where He is present there is joy, healing, hope, and life.

Throughout the week we come together in community groups to celebrate life and to help carry one another’s burdens. We also encourage involvement in local public schools, universities, non-profits, and community development organizations throughout the week as other ways to love God, love people, and push back darkness.

Visit Frontline and let’s be a part of the amazing work God is doing in this our city!

Infants and Children

In God’s eyes, and so in ours, children are blessings. The burden to keep them safe while in our care, to teach them the gospel, to show them how generously our Father loves us, is one we are happy to carry!

Our deepest hope and prayer is that we can deepen your family’s pursuit of God and help shape your child’s view of the Church and gospel community for the glory of Christ.

Visit us. Check your child into a Frontline Kids class. Meet our teachers and pastors, because we look forward to serving and loving your entire family!


Our hope and vision is to teach our teens—your teens—about Christ so our young people can begin experiencing a full life in Him while they are still young!

That’s why we look forward to Wednesday nights, when our youth gather to worship Jesus, hear gospel-centered teaching, and pray with one another.

Are you a teen? Are you the parent of a teen? Learn more here about our youth leaders and their love for sharing the gospel of Christ, and visit the Connect area on Sunday!

Community Groups

As we learn to give and receive ministry between Sundays, we start to become a real church and not just a Sunday morning event.

The gospel doesn’t call us to a “just me and Jesus” mentality. Jesus tells us that the second greatest commandment is like the first – we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.

If you’d like one on one help finding a group, just contact us today!


Shawnee Team

Ben Hill

Interim Lead Pastor

Jerad Friend

Community Group Director

Mason Phillips

Worship Director