God’s heart is the heart of a father (Ps. 103:13).  He protects, provides for, and always uniquely blesses His children.  As human dads, our children receive much of their vision of God’s fatherhood through how we act towards them.  By His grace (thankfully) He redeems our mistakes and failures.  But He also shows us to how to bless our kids – with words, gifts, time, touch, etc – so that they see and feel deeply that God is a good Father.  It is a necessary and powerful thing for fathers and father-figures to give a father’s blessing to their children … ESPECIALLY to their daughters.

So we have set aside a night for dads to bring their daughters and father-figures to bring their “adopted” daughters to have a great time together – our first ever Father-Daughter Dance on February 9!  No agenda, no sermon.  Just great music, great food, great atmosphere for you and your girl(s) to enjoy!  This will be a memorable night for you and the special girl in your life – whether three or eighteen – to spend the evening loving and cherishing her and demonstrating to her the way she should always be treated.

Here are the details:

Date: February 9

Time: Preschool & Elementary – arrive 6:30pm

6th – 12th grade – arrive 7:30pm

(if you have girls in both age ranges, come at 6:30pm)

Dress as formally as you’d like, but not required 


Father-Daughter Dance Invitations

To make this evening more special, we would like to send you a letter in the mail inviting you to the Father-Daughter Dance and an invitation you can give your girl(s) to join you.  Enclosed in the invitation you will find a list of suggestions on how you can make this a special night, including nearby restaurant discounts and other fun ideas.

If you would like to receive one of these invitation kits, fill out the information here so we can send it to you.  Please complete by Feb. 7.