Last week we wrapped up our series through the book of 1 John we wanted to supply you with a couple of resources. This series proved to be both challenging and encouraging as we looked at what it means to live a truly Christian life, transformed by the love of God.
You may remember that there was one particular section of this book that we didn’t cover; 1 John 2:18-27. Our approach to preaching through this book in just 9 weeks was to deal primarily with the high points and major themes present in the book, namely the love of God and assurance of true conversion. However, as we finish the book this Sunday, we don’t want to leave you under-resourced or in the dark on this passage in 1 John.
In our study of the book, we found these 3 sermons by John Piper and Tim Keller to be especially helpful in understanding what John is teaching in these verses. We commend these sermons for your own personal study.
It is our greatest privilege to stand up each week and herald the word of God. Our prayer is that God has used these 9 sermons through 1 John to conform our church more to the image of Jesus and love for him.

Sermon Downloads

Final First John Sermon “Where do we go from here?” by Andrew Burkhart
Tim Keller Sermon Part 1

Tim Keller Sermon Part 2
John Piper Sermon