We are all searching for the Good Life: a life of happiness and fulfillment. But where can we find it? Is it in a life of wealth or unlimited pleasure? Will we find it in morality or religion? Or could it be somewhere else entirely? Join us as we journey through all of life under the sun to find out what truly satisfies, what truly is the Good Life.

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As we dive into spending the next several weeks studying Ecclesiastes, we encourage you to take time in between Sundays to read this book along with us. The hope to this reading plan is that you would spend the week before Sunday reading, meditating, and praying through a small length of verses each day. This will allow us to come into a Sunday gathering with our heart, mind, and soul stirred by the word of God.

Week 1: 1:1-11
Week 2: 1:12-2:11
Week 3: 2:12-17
Week 4: 2:18-2:26
Week 5: 3:1-4:3
Week 6: 4:4-5:7
Week 7: 5:8-6:12
Week 8: 7:1-9:12
Week 9: 9:13-10:20
Week 10: 11:1-12:14


Want to go deeper into our study of Ecclesiastes? Below are some helpful resources we recommend.

Recovering Eden by Zack Eswine
The Message of Ecclesiastes by Derek Kidner
Three Philosophies of Life by Peter Kreeft
Ecclesiastes: Why Everything Matters by Philip Graham Ryken
The NIV Application Commentary: Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs by Iain Provan