Membership at Frontline Church

Membership in the local church probably isn’t something most Christians frequently think about. But, it is one of the most beautiful and important aspects of the Christian life. Being a member of a church isn’t like being a member of a gym or holding a membership in a country club. Church membership isn’t an invitation to join an internally focused group of Christians who are hiding out until Jesus comes back. And it’s certainly not some religious badge of honor designed to make us feel morally superior to others. Rather, church membership is an invitation from Jesus to deeply connect to God, pastors, and other Christians in meaningful community. It’s a high calling from Jesus to live on mission for God’s glory.

Many of the things we do at Frontline are a bit unconventional. Membership class is supposed to be boring, stuffy and unhelpful bureaucracy…right?  Well, we don’t think so. Our membership class is worth your time if you are considering making Frontline your church home. It’s an exciting experience where you will be equipped in a way that’s fun, helpful, stretching and might even change your life. You’ll be equipped to step into being a healthy and active Frontline Covenant Member.  Sign-up for your congregations class below.

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