After 18 months of looking, planning, and praying, we believe that God has opened doors and answered prayers for a permanent location we could gather in and scatter from in South OKC. We’re grateful to finally have a permanent home, but our prayer was never just to own a building. Our hope is that this building would become a strategic location to multiply Gospel Communities from all over the southern part of the metro.

In God’s providence, He’s giving us a location right on the border of I-240 and I-35. This location is a place to plant long-term roots to continue serving the inner-city loop of South OKC and see more people reached for Jesus in Moore and Norman.

Our hope and prayer is that this would be a location that the Gospel of Jesus would be lifted high on Sundays and would then spill into the streets and surrounding neighborhoods during the 6 days between Sundays.

  • God has given us the opportunity to purchase a 40,000+ square foot building right below I-240 and along I-35.


Shawnee was launched in the fall of 2010 with a handful of college students and families. The first four years we’ve seen slow steady growth, but these past 18 months the Lord has really started to move in a very tangible way. Our current 7,000 sq ft store-front building is being utilized to its full capacity on a weekly basis with a growing kids ministry, families, and a ton of college students.

Two years ago, we began to ask the Lord to provide a facility that would accommodate the growing needs of our congregation. After a lot of prayer and searching, the Lord connected us with the old Presbyterian Church just 5 blocks from our current location. This building has been a Gospel lighthouse in south Shawnee for over 100 years, but now sits vacant

Our hope and prayer is that this beautiful church will become Frontline Shawnee’s outpost for a missional movement that multiplies Gospel Communities that love God, love people, and push back darkness for the next 100 years.

  • The future home of Frontline Shawnee.