In 2011, when God gave us this building on 10th and Robinson, it included a large Education Space for training kids in the gospel. Sadly, this space has gone unused for decades. We believe God has called us to revive this space and provide a place for kids to hear about Jesus as they grow up – a place that’s totally safe and incredibly fun. A place where they see their friends meet Jesus. Our current kid’s spaces limit what we can do to serve families, but this Education Space will enable us to pursue a stronger, wider-reaching, city-impacting, family ministry.

God has blessed us with a growing church family through growing families. Our heart’s desire is to see the mission of God to Oklahoma City live on well beyond our lifetimes, and we believe making this space come alive is part of passing Frontline Church on to the next generation!


  • The Education Space, expanding levels for nursery and Kid's Church.


Edmond is the fastest growing city in Oklahoma. Nationally recognized as a great place to raise a family, thousands of people move to the city each year. As a result, nearly 90,000 souls now reside within the city limits. God deeply loves and has concern for each and every soul that makes up this city. Frontline Edmond’s plan is to not only share the Gospel of Jesus with Edmond today but to lay a foundation for the future that will continue to love God, love people, and push back darkness for the next 50 years.

Right now, Frontline Edmond has the chance to purchase a permanent home for the next 50+ years of ministry and reaching Edmond for the Gospel.

The Financial Need: $400,000 by Oct. 1st

The total cost for closing and moving into this new building is an estimated $700,000. This includes $600,000 to bring to closing and $100,000 for moving and building needs. So far, Edmond has raised $300,000. This leaves a remaining need of $400,000

A Base for Mission: 1700 S Bryant Ave

Over 27,000 sq. ft., 5.7 Acres at 15th & Bryant, 3X more kids education space, 7,000 sq. ft. of kids space, 300+ person sanctuary, large fellowship room with kitchen, ample parking and outdoor playground space, and more.