This Sunday (September 10th) at 2 pm, Frontline is joining with other churches across the city for a time of prayer on behalf of Dreamers. These are young undocumented immigrants who were previously allowed to work and reside in the United States, but who face the threat of future deportation with the pending end of DACA. This issue transcends politics because it directly impacts and involves some of the most vulnerable in our society.

Among the many things that the Church is called to is the Kingdom work of seeking justice and defending the cause of the powerless. Dreamers are uniquely vulnerable, as they did not consent to break immigration laws and, in most cases, have known no home outside of the US. We are not standing for a particular political solution, but rather praying for the merciful and just treatment of these young people.

We would like to ask you to join us and many others across our city as we pray for mercy, justice, and protection for Dreamers, and pray for wisdom and courage for our law makers as they work to craft legal solutions to this important issue.

You can find more information about the prayer vigil here.

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