Let’s Do It Again

Andrew Burkhart concludes this series by showing how, 2,000 years later, Jesus is still changing people and using us to continue the mission he began in Acts. Click HERE to download the study guide.

Revival, Riots, & Christianity That Makes an Impact

Andrew Burkhart teaches from Acts 19 on a revival that happens in the city of Ephesus. What can we learn from the Ephesians to bring a move of God to our city? Click HERE to download the study guide.

Borrowed Faith and the Bible Belt

Josh Kouri shows us in Acts 19 what happens to people who borrow faith, when Scripture is clear that we must be born again to be a Christian. Are you living off borrowed faith or your own faith? Click HERE… Read more »

A Model for Everyday Mission

Andrew Burkhart teaches from Acts 17. Paul is in Athens, which is full of idols, and he takes the opportunity to share the gospel. Have you embraced where God has placed you? Are you on mission there? Click HERE to… Read more »

Midnight Struggle Music

In Acts 16, Paul and Silas are beaten and jailed. At midnight, they pray and sing hymns to God and are delivered from prison. Josh Kouri reminds us that midnight comes for everyone, but that, with Jesus, deliverance is guaranteed… Read more »

The Jerusalem Council

Pastor Josh Kouri address two common misconceptions about Christianity: The first being there is a certain “type” of person the gospel is for. The second being that it is Jesus plus something else that saves us. How do these misconceptions… Read more »

Paul’s First Missionary Journey

Josh Kouri picks up our series in Acts 13 and 14. Paul’s first missionary journey is full of opposition and struggle, but is also surrounded and encouraged by others. When things get difficult in your life, how will you remain… Read more »


Community Groups Pastor Sujith Jacob shows us God’s plan in Acts 13 for the Church to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. How can the Church of today be as empowered in Christ as the Church in… Read more »