Antioch: A Model for Mobilized Mission

Josh Kouri continues in Acts with a look at the church in Antioch. Just like the city, the church was diverse. They were known to send their best leaders on mission to plant churches. We are called to support church… Read more »

Peter and the Gentiles

Andrew Burkhart shares from Acts 10 where Peter, a Jew, shares the gospel with some Gentiles and they are saved, causing a shift in the early church, which, for the most part, had only seen conversions amongst Jewish people. Are… Read more »

The Conversion of Saul

Josh Kouri walks us through Acts 9 and the conversion of Saul, who begins the chapter as a terrorizer of Christians, only to become a persecuted Christian himself by the end. What is the depth of God’s grace for non-Christians… Read more »


From Acts 8, Josh Kouri tells the story of an appointment from God for Philip to share the good news of Jesus with an Ethiopian. Are we ready to share the gospel the same way Philip did? Click HERE to… Read more »

From Jerusalem to the World

Resuming in Acts, Josh Kouri leads us through the story of Stephen the Martyr. How does this story affect the Church today? Click HERE to view our web-based study guide.