The Already & The Not Yet

Andrew Burkhart concludes the “&” series by exploring the tension that lies between what Jesus has already done to bring the kingdom of God to earth, and what He has not yet fulfilled. What is our job as Christians as… Read more »

Wrath & Mercy

Is God wrathful or merciful? Andrew Burkhart explores this tension in Part 5 of the “&” series. Wrath and mercy collide at the cross where God pours out His wrath for our sin on Jesus and gives us the mercy… Read more »

Male & Female

In Part 4 of the “&” series, Josh Kouri explores the tension between the world’s view of male and female and the Bible’s perspective. In Genesis we see that God created both male and female as equals but with different… Read more »

Sovereignty & Responsibility

In the third sermon of the “&” series, Andrew Burkhart examines the tension between sovereignty & responsibility. He looks at the life of Joseph and shows us that, despite the circumstances, God is sovereign and that it is our responsibility—as… Read more »

Immaterial & Material

Josh Kouri continues the “&” series by exploring the tension between the material (Man) and the immaterial (Creator, God). In Genesis, Man sinned, replacing the immaterial with material. But Jesus came to be the bridge, restoring us back to the… Read more »

Sinner or Saint?

In the first sermon of the new series “&”, Josh Kouri answers the question “are Christians sinners or saints?” We explore the Apostle Paul’s struggle with his own sin nature and the hope he found in the perfect work of… Read more »