Why Roles Matter

Why does Paul bring gender into the discussion of the gifts in 1 Corinthians 14? How does that shape our understanding of the gifts, and of our God given roles, in the church?

God of Peace, Not Confusion

Order in the church is needed if the gifts are going to be used in a healthy way. The question of how to test a prophetic word is answered.

The Gift of Tongues

Tongues is one of the most controversial gifts. In this sermon questions are answered and misconceptions are addressed.

The Gift of Prophecy

The questions about prophecy are answered. What is prophecy and its purpose? Who can prophecy? What is the difference between someone with the gift of prophecy and a prophet?

The Way of Love

Pastor David Adair helps the church take a new look at a well know scripture. Before 1 Corinthians 13 applies to marriage, it has everything to do with how we use our spiritual gifts in love for the common good.

In the Church

In the church, each member is gifted and called, and every gift is needed by the whole community. Because of this, there is no room for either envy or pride.

Sam Storms on Spiritual Gifts

Sam talks about his experience with the spiritual gifts and takes questions about their use in the church body today.

Unpacking Spiritual Gifts

What does the Bible say in 1 Corinthians 12 about the spiritual gifts? What are they, and who can have them?

Everybody Plays

There is no such thing as an ungifted, unneeded Christian. All believers have been gifted for the common good.

What is True Spirituality?

Before explaining the gifts, Paul reminds us of what it truly means to be Spirit filled.