The End of the Matter to Young and All

Chad Kincer, Congregation Lead in Residence for Frontline Downtown, concludes Ecclesiastes by answering what the writer of the book would say to all, regardless of age.

Ordinary Life

All of Ecclesiastes points to questions that find their ultimate answers in Jesus. As Pastor Josh Kouri continues to explore this good life experiment, the author wants to call our attention to some very important and ordinary things.


Where is God in the midst of injustice? Josh Kouri asks this question and discusses how the injustice Jesus suffered affects us today.


The teacher in Ecclesiastes says that we are all going return to dust. Pastor Josh Kouri examines what it means for us that Jesus has defeated death.

Friends and Community

Sujith Jacob, Pastor of Community for Frontline Downtown, brings to light statistics indicating more people than ever describe themselves as lonely. Jesus offers us true friendship and the community of the local church.

Work and Wealth

Sujith Jacob, Pastor of Community for Frontline Downtown, discusses the search for personal identity in jobs or wealth, and how Jesus frees us to discover our identities in Him instead.


In Ecclesiastes 3, Josh Kouri breaks down a poem about time into delights and worries. Jesus steps into our moments so that none of our experiences in time are wasted.


Josh Kouri continues in Ecclesiastes 2, where the author attempts to find happiness in all types of pleasure. Are we seeking pleasure in Jesus or the things He created?

The Good Life Experiment

Lead Pastor Josh Kouri starts an in-depth look at the book of Ecclesiastes, in which the smartest, wisest, richest, most powerful man in the world tries to answer the question, “What is the good life?”