Nancy Kouri shares the story of Lydia, a businesswoman, saved by God’s grace, who—though not an evangelist, prophet or teacher—opened her home and shared the gifts she had for the mission of God. Are you using the gifts you already… Read more »

Leah and Jacob

The story of Leah and Jacob is one of longing: Jacob longing for Rachel, Leah to be wanted. Are you looking to relationships for satisfaction that can only be fulfilled by God?

The Samaritan Woman at the Well

Andrew Burkhart examines the story of the woman at the well, who came to fulfill a physical thirst and found her thirsty soul satisfied instead. Hear how Jesus continues to offer living water today.

Proverbs 31

Josh Kouri discusses God’s grace-rich and counter-cultural picture of feminine strength in Proverbs 31. How do we live according to Scripture in our current culture?


Teaching Pastor Andrew Burkhart delves into the story of Ruth to explore how her life continues to directly impact each of our lives today.


Josh Kouri leads us through the book of Esther. Her story has no mention of God from beginning to end, yet she risked death for his people. How are we to have faith when God seems absent in our own… Read more »


Josh Kouri begins this series by examining what our culture is saying a woman should be. What does God say about the role of women and feminine strength?