The Holy Spirit and Mission

In the final sermon of The Holy Spirit series, Josh Kouri discusses the purpose of the Holy Spirit to advance God’s mission. Learn how we are placed in the body of Christ, gifted and empowered by the Spirit, to be… Read more »

The Holy Spirit in the Church

Andrew Burkhart continues the Holy Spirit series with a focus on the Holy Spirit’s role in the Church and the purpose of the spiritual gifts. Why is it important neither to neglect the Holy Spirit nor to boast in the… Read more »

The Holy Spirit in Life

In the second part of the Holy Spirit, Andrew Burkhart guides us through a look at the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives as individuals. We begin with the life of Jesus and His empowerment through the Holy Spirit for… Read more »

Meet the Holy Spirit

In the first part of a new series, The Holy Spirit, Andrew Burkhart begins in John 16. Jesus shocks and baffles the disciples by telling them He must go so He can send the Holy Spirit to them. Now, as… Read more »