Taking it to the Streets

You were created for a purpose. Just like a watch was created to tell time, an airplane is designed to fly, and cows are made for steak. You have a purpose too. To glorify God by growing in community, worship,… Read more »

A Foot Washing Community

Foot washing is way more than just physical acts of service. We get to be a part of each other’s sanctification.

The Lord’s Supper

What is the Lord’s Supper and why should you care?

Meals Matter

The gospel doesn’t pull us out of ordinary human-experiences like meals. Jesus gives meals their meaning. Jesus redeems and owns meals, and meals are more important to the plan of God than you might think.

A Strange People

God’s people are called to be in the city and for the city while at the same time being different from the city.

Gospel Community

Paul takes the first 11 chapters of Romans to show the splendor of the gospel at 50k feet. In chapter 12 He shows us how the gospel works in the grit and grime of community at ground level.

Marked by Grace

Gospel centered. Marked by grace. On mission.