The Redeeming Love of Jesus

The conclusion to Light in the Darkness: Our journey through the book of John.

The Appearing

Jesus showed up after his death, in the flesh, to prove that his resurrection matters. David Adair unpacks how his appearances to the disciples can point us to greater faith in Jesus and deeper belief in the gospel.

The Resurrection

While many people know that Jesus died, most people don’t fully grasp why He died. Andrew Burkhart unpacks not only the reality, but also the implications, of the resurrection.

The Cross

The reality is that thousands upon thousands of people have been crucified in history, and thousand upon thousands of people have died a death very similar to the one Jesus died. So, what makes Jesus’s death so special? Why is… Read more »

The Trial

Why did Jesus come to earth? He came to bring his Kingdom and to set us free. Just as Barabbas was freed instead of Jesus, we have been freed because Jesus died instead.

Betrayal & Arrest

It’s not just Peter who denied Jesus; we deny Jesus daily. This story from John shows us how badly humanity needs someone to step into the darkness and bring us back into favor with the Father through Grace alone. That… Read more »

Fidelity in the World

When Jesus left this earth, he promised to send the Holy Spirit to empower his disciples to be witnesses. Why? Because fidelity in the world is difficult. But he was faithful for us, and promises to lead us into true… Read more »

Jesus’ Prayer

Jesus prayed. This sounds simple enough but has huge implications for how we understand and view our relationship with God the Father and God the Son.

Peace in Pain

The foundation we build our lives upon comes to the front when we face the trials of this life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ allows us to confidently and faithfully stare the tribulation of this world in the face.

Sorrow Turned to Joy

The disciples felt sorrow when Jesus left and joy when he arose. We feel sorrow in this life but await a greater joy that is coming.

The Paraclete

Jesus said it is better for us to have the Holy Spirit with us than to have Jesus himself with us in the flesh. How can that be so? Josh Kouri unpacks John 16:4-15 to answer that question.

Hatred of the World

Jesus warned his disciples that, as the world hated him, it would hate them (and us) as well.