Is Christianity Logical?

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How Does a Good God Allow Suffering?

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Is God Anti-Gay?

What does the Bible say about homosexuality, and what does the Gospel say to all of us about our sexuality and about how we relate to one another? Pastor Josh Kouri walks us through these questions and more.

Is God Anti-Sex?

God made sex for our pleasure and for His glory, but it was not designed to define us or complete us. Above our need for intimacy and connection with other people, we need intimacy and connection with Jesus.


Is the Bible intolerant? Can we really all coexist? Watch Josh Kouri unpack how Christians are called to lovingly serve people they disagree with while still holding fast to the truth.


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If hypocrisy bothers you, it hurts you, it annoys you, it frustrates you, there is great news…Jesus hates hypocrisy too! But Jesus didn’t come demanding that we be “good” in order to get to God. Instead he was good for… Read more »