Better Nehemiah

In the final sermon of Rebuild. Renew. Restore., Pastor Josh Kouri takes us through the last chapter of Nehemiah. After discovering the revival has ended and the people have begun breaking God’s law, Nehemiah responds in a rage and tries… Read more »


In Nehemiah 10-12 we see spiritual renewal in Israel overflow into worship that is so loud that the all the cities around Jerusalem hear and take notice. Josh Kouri points us to the power that our worship of Jesus can… Read more »


In Nehemiah 9 we are reminded of God’s gracious, redeeming work throughout the whole history of Israel to move His people from slavery to freedom. Ernest Odunze shows us how this ongoing cycle of rescue reveals the glory of God,… Read more »


Josh Kouri teaches from Nehemiah chapter 11 in the series Rebuild. Renew. Restore. The people of Jerusalem gathered in the streets to hear the word of God, hungry to know more of Him through this reading. They desired more than… Read more »


Teaching Pastor Andrew Burkhart leads us through Nehemiah chapter 7 in the series Renew. Rebuild. Restore. Like several chapters in Nehemiah, it is filled with a long list of names. The significance of the list is to show that people… Read more »


Lead Pastor Josh Kouri continues with part 9 of the series Rebuild. Renew. Restore. In Nehemiah chapter 6, the enemies of Nehemiah are planning to kill him. At the very least they hope to stop the progress of rebuilding by… Read more »


Teaching Pastor Andrew Burkhart leads us through Rebuild. Renew. Restore. part 8. In Nehemiah 5 people were suffering because of the greed of the wealthy Jewish nobles. Nehemiah steps in and lovingly confronts the sin being committed, as well as… Read more »


In part 7 of ‘Rebuild. Renew. Restore.’ Josh Kouri preaches from Nehemiah 4, which is a practical handbook for the work of revival and reformation. Nehemiah sees the sobering reality of Jerusalem’s rubble, but does not allow the Enemy’s seeds… Read more »


In Rebuild. Renew. Restore part 6, Andrew Burkhart takes us through Nehemiah chapter 3. On the surface it is a long list of names of the people who did the work to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. Looking deeper, we… Read more »


Josh Kouri continues with part 5 of Rebuild. Renew. Restore. We find Nehemiah facing resistance and warfare as he begins answering God’s call to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. Because we are followers of Jesus on mission, we should expect… Read more »


In part 4 of our Rebuild. Renew. Restore. series, Josh Kouri preaches from Neh. 2:1-8. Nehemiah is living within the tension of his calling and his confirmation as he waits on the Lord and tests his calling. For all of… Read more »


Andrew Burkhart continues teaching in the series Rebuild. Renew. Restore. and takes us through Nehemiah’s actions after he learns of the brokenness of God’s holy city. His initial response is prayer. Likewise, our first response to the pain around us… Read more »