The Essential, Most Necessary Thing

Worship Pastor Charlie Hall takes us through the story of Mary and Martha. Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus and Martha is busying herself and missing the most important thing. What part will you choose today?

Easter 2017: Jesus and Doubt

On Easter Sunday, Josh Kouri looks into the doubt of the disciple Thomas. The disciples don’t shun him and Jesus doesn’t belittle his lack of faith; they love him anyway. Are you struggling with doubt today?

Money and Our Heart

Frontline Edmond Lead Pastor David Adair teaches from Matthew 6. If money exposes what the heart loves, what does your spending reflect?

Sanctity of Life: Immigration

Globally, 60 million people are displaced due to violence, persecution, or disaster. Of those refugees, 30 million are children. Josh Kouri examines Scripture in light of the immigrant and refugee. Click HERE for more resources.

Sanctity of Life: Unborn

Josh Kouri speaks on what makes all human life sacred. How do we do as God asks and work toward the good of all? Click HERE for more resources.

Psalm 23

Pastor Sujith Jacob walks us through Psalm 23, which paints a picture of God as a good shepherd. How does David’s Old Testament concept of God remain relevant in our modern existence?

Psalm 42

Josh Kouri teaches from Psalm 42 and it starts with a thirsty soul and ends with the reminder that our satisfaction, hope, and anchor is in the steadfast love of God. What is the state of your soul today?

The Needs of Our City

Scott Campbell, Lead Pastor of Christ Central Church, teaches from Acts 16. Paul identifies needs in the city of Athens and takes action. When we see the needs of our own city, are we then ready to act?

Responding to Overwhelming Evil

Josh Kouri opens on the topic of race relations in America, sharing from Mark 9 that we are fighting something we can’t beat in our own strength and we need prayer. Will you begin to pray as a means to… Read more »

Wrestling With God’s Goodness

Family Ministries Director John Riner from Frontline Downtown examines the struggles of Asaph in Psalm 73 and engages the question, “Is God good?”

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Guest speaker Steve Huber, Lead Pastor of Liberti Church in Philadelphia, leads us through Luke 15. He examines the lives of two brothers and God’s grace that covers both. Who are you in the story?

Easter 2016: Raised With Christ

This Easter, Josh Kouri examines the prayer of the Apostle Paul for the Church. Of all the needs in the world, why did Paul choose to pray for the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus Christ?