The Bride of Christ

Andrew Burkhart discusses the Bride of Christ as metaphor. How does it reveal the deep love and affection Jesus has for His Church? And what is our role as the Bride?

The Temple of God

Josh Kouri speaks on the temple of the Old Testament, which was a place of continual sacrifice and contained the presence of God, but only a few had access. How did Jesus, as the ultimate sacrifice, change everything?

The Family of God

Josh Kouri discusses how God, as a loving father, sent his son Jesus to bring us home and answer our soul’s deepest yearning for family.

The Body of Christ

The body of Christ is a beautiful metaphor of what the Church is and what we are called to be. Andrew Burkhart discusses the part we each have in the uniqueness and diversity of the Church Jesus is building.

The Church Important

Josh Kouri kicks off this new series by asking the question, “What is the Church?” What does the Bible say about the Church and, more importantly, what does Jesus have to do with the Church?