Why Membership Matters

In the last part of the series, Andrew Burkhart shows us that local church membership is essential to love God, love people and push back darkness.

Love People

Family Ministries Director John Riner teaches from Romans 12:9-13 on a crucial and sometimes difficult part of Frontline’s mission statement: How are we to love people?

Push Back Darkness

Justin Coffee examines what it means to push back darkness. How do we do that in our homes, community, and city? Justin introduces the 405 Center as part of Frontline’s means for meeting needs in our community. Visit www.405center.com for… Read more »

Love God

Andrew Burkhart examines the second part of Frontline’s mission statement: Love God. In this world, many things compete for our affection. How are we to love God above everything?

Multiplying Gospel Communities

Andrew Burkhart begins this new series by explaining the first part of Frontline’s mission statement. What part should we be taking to multiply gospel communities?